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Cultural Practices

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Mr.Hathorn                                                                              Ian Girdwood                                  Period 6                                                               3/23/10

Irish Customs and Culture

          Family and friends are a huge part of the Irish culture. Families are close knit and help each other out whenever necessary. The immediate family usually includes grandparents and aunts and uncles. The Irish do not send the elderly to nursing homes if it can be avoided. If an elderly person has family, he will move in with them instead of a nursing home. Unlike in the United States where we tend to discard our elderly like they don’t matter. If you are a child in Ireland, you are expected to live with you parents until you are married. But this has been changing in recent years especially in urban areas. The responsibility of raising kids was traditionally the woman’s job. But this has also changed with the times. Now the responsibility is shared between the parents. Much as it is today, in the United States.

          Socializing is a favorite pastime of the Irish. They love to go to pubs where they tell stories, sing ditties, and gossip. Pubs are a great place for friends to get together or to go out for a night of fun. The legal drinking age is 18 in Ireland, but anyone 14 or older and come into a pub without an adult. In the United States people under the age of 21 are not allowed into pubs unless with an adult. Another common way of socializing is house visits. The Irish are very friendly people and will often visit each others homes. The Irish call these visits a calling by. If a person is planning on staying overnight, they should bring a gift for the host. The Irish have a very relaxed sense of time so they are often late for meetings or events. If you ever travel to Ireland you should know that the Irish people are very uncomfortable with public displays of affection (PDA).

          The Irish eat 3 meals a day just like us in the US. The eat in the morning, afternoon, and late evening. The main meal, supper, is in the evening. Many Irish meals are simple but hearty. Such as Irelands famous pot pie, which is the same or very similar to Shepard’s pie. Potatoes are a huge part of their diet. They even make pancakes out of potatoes!

          For recreation, a common sport is hurling. This game is played on a field similar to a soccer field. There are fifteen players on a team. The objective is to hit a small ball with paddles through the other teams goal post. Other sports the popular in Ireland include soccer, rugby, sailing, hunting, and horse racing.

          The Irish have a unique culture that is similar and different to ours in many ways.

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