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Statistiscs of Ireland

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Statistical Essay of Ireland



Ireland is an island country located to the west of Great Britain in Western Europe. Its neighbors include Iceland to the north, the United Kingdom to the east, and France to the south-east. Ireland has warm summers and cold winters. It is known as the emerald island because of the lush, green grass that is bountiful in there. It is overcast about 180 days a year on average. Ireland is a first world country and has a high literacy rate for both male and females. Ireland has a good government and a strong monetary unit. In this essay I will compare Ireland’s statistics to the United States of America.

 Ireland covers 27, 135 sq miles and is slightly larger than West Virginia. Ireland’s population is 4,156,119, with a population density of 146.3 people per square mile. In comparison, the United States has a population of 303,824,646 with a population density of 85.9 people per square mile. The United States covers 3,794,083 square miles.

The island nation’s capital, Dublin, is home to 1,186,159 people. Dublin is also the largest city in Ireland. Ireland’s second largest city is Cork, which has a total population of 480,000 people. The third largest city is Limerick, which has a population of 91,765 In the United States, New York City is the largest, with a population of 8,274,527 people. The second largest city, Los Angeles, has a population of 3,849,378. The third largest city is Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is home to 2,853,114 people.

The life expectancy in Ireland is 75 for males, and 81 for females. 1-10 people out of a thousand have HIV/AIDS, and there are about 250 people for every doctor. The infant mortality rate is 5.1 deaths per 1,000 live births. The life expectancy for males and females in the United States is the same as in Ireland. There are about 330 people for every doctor, and 10-20 people living with HIV/AIDS out of a thousand in the U.S. Infant mortality is higher in the U.S than in Ireland. It is 6.3 deaths per 1,000 live births. HIV/AIDS is becoming a problem for both countries. For unexplained reasons HIV/AIDS is on the rise.

Ireland’s government is a Parliamentary Republic. Ireland’s chief religions are Roman Catholic (87 %,) Church of Ireland (3 %,), and Atheist (4 %). Most people speak English, but a small percentage speak Irish (Gaelic). The United States follows a Federal Republic. The chief religions are Protestant (51 %), Roman Catholic (24%), Mormon (2%), Jewish (2%), and Atheist (4 %). The official languages are English, Spanish, and Hawaiian.

Education in Ireland is mandatory for kids ages six through fifteen. Ireland’s school system is very similar to the United States of America. The literacy rate in Ireland is 99%. Both males and females have an equal chance at an education. In the United States school is mandatory for kids ages six through seventeen, two years more than in Ireland.

Ireland, like most European countries, uses the Euro as its monetary unit. The United States of America’s monetary unit is the US dollar (USD). The Euro is currently stronger than the USD. 1 Euro equals 1.45629 US dollars. Irelands Gross Domestic Product per capita, or GDP, is $38,505. The United States Gross Domestic Product per capita is $45, 800.

Ireland has a defense budget of $1.3 billion. This is a relatively small defense budget, but Ireland is a small country and is not currently at war. The United States defense budget is 600.24 billion dollars. Ireland currently has 10,600 active troops. This includes their national guard. The U.S. has 1,498,157 active troops.

In Ireland, there are 406 T.V. sets per 1,000 people. There are 697 radios per one thousand people, and 1.7 million internet users. There are 844 T.V. sets per 1,000 people, 2,116 radios, and 220 million internet users. That is two times as many T.V.’s and three times as many radios.

Based on statistics, it is clear that Ireland is very similar to the United States of America. I hope that you, the reader, has found this essay helpful.

Ian Girdwood 


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